About me

David Welbourn is Visiting Professor in Health Systems Management and Deputy Director of the Centre for Health Enterprise

David leads the research agenda in the Centre for and works closely with the executive education team.  He is founder and managing director of Eutropia Ltd, providing management consultancy aimed at improving the traction of change processes, specialising in performance and risk management, informatics and governance.  He is also an associate partner of Matrix Knowledge Group where he provides practical and thought leadership in information governance. 

David spent five years in the NHS as a Strategic Health Authority (SHA) executive director of performance, and as Chief Information Officer (CIO).  During this time, as well as achieving recognition as one of the highest performing SHAs, he also worked closely on national policy issues in both performance and IT.  Prior to this, his experience covered most aspects of technology and corporate management in the telecom sector, including corporate strategy, corporate finance, marketing, delivery of major change programmes, IT and ten years of cutting edge research in materials science where he published widely including registering 15 patents.

Throughout his career, he has worked across professional divides and is particularly interested in bringing together the multiple lenses of different professions and experiences around a problem, shedding more light, with the aim of generating new insight and innovative solutions.  Through wider engagement in the co-design process, more innovative solutions frequently emerge from the process and, more importantly, there is usually a greater sense of momentum and commitment amongst those who have contributed.  In this context, David is particularly keen to focus on how such an approach requires new styles of leadership, governance and richer application of information and evidence.  The Centre’s research agenda focuses on these key areas of governance, interdisciplinary leadership requirements, and whole systems thinking applied across an integrated care ecosystem.  David also co-ordinates the Transforming Health series of seminars at Cass – a series which seeks to create an environment in which ideas from different disciplines can be cross-fertilised.  David writes a blog for the Centre which also contributes to this theme of making connections to create new insights.

David is both a chartered engineer and chartered physicist, and studied Natural Sciences at Trinity College Cambridge, specialising in theoretical physics.  He obtained his PhD from Edinburgh University, working across materials science and engineering.



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